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Your opinions please - but be gentle!


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Problem 1 : On page load, your scrolling news applet managed to freeze my browser. That's a very big first-impression problem.


Problem 2 : Purple. Oh so very much purple. It's a hard color to use in a site design effectively, and frankly it doesn't really fit the bill here.


Problem 3 : Login form is big; register link is small. This should be the other way around for something like this: make it clear and easy to register.


Problem 4 : It took quite a bit of reading to figure out what the site was about. The central point, the big "RESERVED" image, didn't help matters, and just confused me.


It's a good start, but it has several problems with it. I won't get into the concept here, though.

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Thanks for your time moberemk!


  • 1. Interesting about the applet - I will look into that!
  • 2. All my sites end up being a bit blue so I wanted something different - but I take your point about purple - I quite like it but if it makes the site a turnoff to others, then I feel a re-think may be in order!
  • 3. That may be why I haven't had a lot of registrations!
  • 4. Will look to see if there are any better images and check my wording!


Any other comments?

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I'm curious what browser you use moberemk? If it was Firefox or not. I haven't tried it on others but on v2.0.0.8 of Firefox I have no problems with the news applet loading. (of course a temporary slowdown for my Java to load)


I do agree with moberemk about figuring what the site is about. Reading the text now, I understand it, I guess just that the image stood out (as they always do) and wasn't really self-explanatory. But nothing hard to fix. :)


Overall it's nice. I'm not a huge fan of purple but I think it's used very well. Design wise it is laid out well, it's nice.


I also agree with moberemk regarding a "Latest Spaces" box, definately a good idea. But I would expand on that and also suggest a links to a simple listing of Spaces (by page), it would show the details such as where. You could link to it on the "For Rent" page.


I think that's about it, looking good so far. :)

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Thank you very much for taking the time to look over the site for me guys!


I am going to re-jig the wording and look for a better image to use.

I like the idea about making the content relevant to the user!

I still like the purple, but I may consider changing it...we'll see!


Thanks for the feedback!  ;D

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