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Updated a site


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I recently updated the look for a site I'm making.


Old Look --> beastit.com/index2


New Look --> beastit.com/index_test


I created a very basic template of how the site is going to look like. There isn't much content, but there is enough to give a good critique. I'm looking for critique on the header, footer, color choices, and the overall look.


I want to first hear what you guys have to say. If the overall feedback is good, then I'll go into the details and start creating individual pages, otherwise I would change the details.


Thanks! --> beastit.com/index_test

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Well, one thing you could do is make it so the search box at the top isn't floating on nothing-as it stands, it just kinda looks there. Another thing you could do is make more then just filler text at the bottom-that will help with getting a complete review.


Thanks for the suggestions, moberemk! I really appreciate it!


I am a bit confused... :-\ ... Can you explain? For the search box, would a different color and a custom "submit box" (search box) work? Would adding things to the footer fix the footer?

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No, I mean contain the search and login boxes so that they are clearly separate objects, and visually distinct from the rest of the page and each other.


As for the footer search, I doubt that it is really necessary to have it there-most people will likely skim it over.

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I have to tend to agree.  The search shouldn't have to be put in two places.  In the top menu is good, but the bottom people will just look over.


Try placing the search on the left hand side, away from the login.  Or set the login on the left hand side, just below the banner.


The site looks good, though.

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Thanks for all the input! It's very appreciated!


What do you suggest I do with the search box to separate it from the login? I don't want to put it on the left hand side. What if I want to leave it where it is - what could I do to separate it more?


I completely agree w/ the footer and the search box. I'll completely take the search box off the footer. - I'll then just center the text links, but would that make it look too plain?

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Since you currently have no content, here is a suggestion.  Take the Search function and put it where you currently have the login.  Move the Login to the left, just under your banner and create it as a separate box.  Since after you login it should disappear, that would be a logical place to put it.


Those are a few suggestions.  Another would be to put the search in the main navigation.


Try them out and see what fits best.

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i think the navigation could be a bit better.. the links aren't really appealing.


Really could do with some content, couldn't you make up a little "lorem ipsum" mock page? Would give a better idea on how its going to look.





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Thanks for all the feedback! It's greatly appreciated!


I took the constructive feedback and edited the header/footer. I'm almost there in creating REAL content!!  ;D


What to look for -->


      login is separated by a box


      Search box is on the top right now


      Footer's search box taken out


      Footer enlarged



BeastIt.com - THANKS!

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