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include adding a square into HTML

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Hey all, 1st time here so sorry if this has been brought up already. I didn't read all 100000000 posts yet.

I have a problem at [a href=\"http://www.k1llswitch.com/tecsite/\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.k1llswitch.com/tecsite/[/a]

The problem is there is a character being put at the top of my code and it's being put there by my include statement somehow. I have never seen this before and I"ve used many PHP files and include statements.

I normally wouldn't care about it but it's shifting all my "position : relative" divs down and mis-alligning them. Plus it shouldn't happen.

Anyone have any ideas or words of wisdom for me?


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The stray character isn't visible with Firefox ... but the layout breaks horribly using Firefox at 1024px resolution. That's a more significant problem, unfortunately.

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