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Music preference


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I seem to recall that we had a thread like this way back in the day, but I can no longer find it - Maybe it got lost in our transition over to SMF.


I, like many, I'm sure, listen to a lot of music. I have it playing in the car, in the office and at home. I'm not really a fan of silence! So, what kind of music do you guys (and girls) enjoy listening to?


I've got a rather eclectic collection now, unlike when I was younger when I only listened to one genre of music. A couple of my favorite artists...


Pink Floyd, Prince (live, not studio), The Beatles, Paramore, Radiohead, Ray Charles, Jimi Hendrix, Avril Lavigne, Christina Aguilera, Tower of Power, Maceo Parker, Rage Against the Machine, Talib Kweli, Arctic Monkeys, Citizen Cope, The Roots, The Fratellis, Stephen Lynch, RJD2, White Stripes, Death Cab for Cutie, Oasis, DJ Shadow, Air, Jurassic 5, Dave Weckl Band, Jack Johnson... I could go on and on!


Does anyone else like havin music on while working, or do you find it distracting?

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I listen to music all the time im able to. If it weren't for that fact i wasn't allowed to, i'd listen to music all the time at college.


I find any music that i like, regardless of genre, relaxing. I don't think i could cope with other drivers without music, for instance. And i pretty much always listen to music whilst i code.


Some good artists there, and of course some classics.


Some of my favourite artists: The Killers, The Libertines, The Editors, Art Brut, The Jam, Kanye West, Air, Strokes, Athlete, Snow Patrol, Jamie T, The Cribs, Cold War Kids, The Fray, The Rakes, Good Shoes, Arctic Monkeys, The Long Blondes, Little Man Tate, Kubichek!, Keane, Jack Penate. I could go on of course. Out of those, i've seen The Editors, Arctic Monkeys and Art Brut live. Arctic Monkeys was probably the best.


Its interesting, a lot of that music is from similar genres; yet i would consider my music taste reasonably varied. Whilst my favourite artists are often similar, i like songs from all sorts of genres, and do listen to all sorts. For instance, looking through my library, i have plenty of dance songs, some rap, a bit of cheesy pop, some oldish music, some which i would almost consider easy listening, some hip-hop, even a bit of country.


If you watch my signiture, you'll see what i've been listening to. Its usually quite varied.

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I'm a huge music fan. Have played in bands most of my life and am a fully qualified audio engineer. I'm getting a more varied taste in music as I get older but my favourite genre is still minimal rock, though I have been known to produce quite a bit of experimental electonic stuff in my spare time.


Some of my favourite stuff....


Shellac, Slint, Low, McKusky, Two Litre Dolby, Ricaine, Jesus Lizard, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Bjork, Boards Of Canada, Midget, Sigur Ros, Whitestripes, Kings Of Leon, Four Tet, Breeders, Beck, Proem, Sebadoh, Neil Young, June Of 44, Gescom, Pixies, Bitch Magnet, Autechre, Damien Jurado, Kyuss, Mum, Magic Dirt, Queens Of The Stonage, Fugazi.


Could go on for a few days really!!!


edit: removed code tags.

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The old one is still around, but tastes change with time.


These past few weeks I cannot stop listening to Neutral Milk Hotel's "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea". I've also been listening to Radiohead's new "In Rainbows" and revisiting their previous material as well--"Fake Plastic Trees" from The Bends has been on repeat quite often. Others dominating the mix include Hangedup, The Band, Arcade Fire, and Korpiklaani (folk metal!).

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I've been listening to a lot of ska, folk, and indie/experimental stuff lately - I'll introduce you to my current favorites, many of which distribute their music for completely free. :)


  • Josh Woodward - acoustic folk/rock, very good - distributes his albums under the CC-BY-NC-SA (Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share and Share Alike) license
  • t r y ^ d - Experimental trip-hop, it's actually a band of ~20 people who collaborate over the internet, they also release their music under the CC-BY-NC-SA license. I highly recommend their album Listen.
  • The Weepies - Also acoustic folk-rock, and also very, very good, but unfortunately, they don't distribute their music for free.
  • Ben Folds - Piano-rock. I've been loving his albums Rocking the Suburbs and The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner.
  • JT Bruce - Instrumental metal/instrumental progressive rock. Their stuff is a lot of fun to listen to, especially Anomalous Material. (Also release music under the CC-BY-NC-SA)
  • I know I saw someone mention Kings Of Leon - I've been listening a lot to their album Because of the Times.
  • Youth Group, an Australian rock band, one of my favorites. I'd have to say my favorite of their two full-length albums is Casino Twilight Dogs.
  • No, Really is a one-woman acoustic folk/rock band that also released their one full-length album (and a couple of EPs) under the CC-BY-NC-SA license.

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I'm really picky when it comes to music.  I actually annoy my friends and family with my musical tastes and habbits.


Let me start off by saying I enjoy silence.  I'm typically surrounded by people for the vast majority of the day, mostly due to my physical disability.  So, to me, silence is a much needed retreat from just having to deal with people.  I'm not someone who needs background noise because they feel uncomfortable in silence.  When I listen to music, I tend to be an active listener.  I don't find much point to turning on an album, only to talk over it, or not really pay attention to it.  That misses the point, IMO.


I find that I can't identify with a lot of popular music.  I can't stand country music, and most rap, hip-hop, and r&b sound the same to me.  Even most rock bands bore me now.  I think my apathy stems from the signal-to-noise ratio.  Most of what I've heard in my life is that annoying, play-it-safe-to-sell-albums crap that the radio serves most of the time.  I get accused of not having an open mind, but I don't think that's the case.  I've definitely been exposed to many genres of music, and many artists within those genres, it's just that the vast majority of it, at the very least, tends to bore the crap out of me.


My favorite band, at the moment, is probably Tool, even though they are quickly becoming formulaic.  I'm anxiously awaiting Maynard's Puscifer album, as the clips I've heard sound a bit different from his Tool and A Perfect Circle faire.


I like Pink Floyd.


I like early Live, before they decided to become a completely spineless adult contemporary group.


I like(d) Stabbing Westward, sans their self-titled album.


I like NIN.


I liked Rammstein's first two albums.


I liked the Dave Matthews Band until the album after "Before These Crowded Streets."


That's all I can think of at the moment.

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I tend to like the comedy sections of music.  "Weird Al" Yankovic, Dr. Demento and Spike Jones.


I have others that are a must to drown out the insessant typing in the office: Linkin Park, Blue Man Group, Saliva, Bosco, H.I.M., Black Eyed Peas, Darude, Scooter, SR-71, Trapt, Oakenfold, Elissa, Cold, Papa Roach, Garbage, Three Days Grace, Hellogoodbye, Disturbed, O-ZONE and a few others that I am not sure who the artists are, but have really good songs.


Usually it is only one or two songs from particular artists that I like, not the whole albums.

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i do love my music :) I'm listening to it constantly. Most of the time I'm just listening to the things I need to learn for the bands that I'm in. But when I'm not learning the tunes I like to listen to: Dream Theater, Metallica (older), Mudvayne, Pantera, Stone Sour, Disturbed, Godsmack, Hell Yeah, Breaking Benjamin, Iron Maiden, Poison, Motley Crue, Skid Row, Nckelback, 3 Days Grace, and a whole lot more. My whole digital music collection is about 65GB...not including a bunch of CD's I haven't gotten a chance to "archive" yet. I like more of the technical music that has a lot of cool tempos and time changes. It seems to keep everything a little more interesting instead of just the regular 4/4 time signature rock...

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I love listening to artists that can actually sing and have a modern day sound.

Christina Aguilera (favorite), Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Mariah Carey


I also listen to a few others that have some good songs

Green Day, Three Days Grace, Linkin Park, AFI, Plain White T's, OneRepublic,

Evanescence, Justin Timberlake, Daughtry, Maroon 5, Pink

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I listen to just about everything.  My favorite genre would be classic rock and not just the generic Led Zep, Floyd, etc.  Chances are if its classic rock, I'll like it.


After that I have a soft spot for some of today's music, especially punk from when I grew up.  That would be bands like Greenday, 311, Blink 182, NOFX, Pennywise, Suicide Machines and a bunch of others.  The misfits are also cool.


I have another soft spot for some metal or more hardcore music.  Rage Against the Machine is almost a given in this category, but also Tool.  I have a few MP3s of The Darkest Hour and it gets the blood pumping.


Then there's this whole other side of me that enjoys music so bad that it's brilliant.  This would be stuff like The Safety Dance.


I'm not sure where the clash, talking heads, or oingo boingo fit into all that.


Out of it all, I have two albums that I probably listen to the most.  The first Sugar Ray album is one of them.  The second is Jay Zeezer.


Let me explain Jay Zeezer.  It's Jay Z and Weezer, both of which I would never listen to, intermixed together as if they were a group.  It's brilliant!


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Let me explain Jay Zeezer.  It's Jay Z and Weezer, both of which I would never listen to, intermixed together as if they were a group.  It's brilliant!


Woah, most of those tracks don't even sound right together :S Do you like the Jay-Z / Linkin Park colab album? Same idea, but executed a hell of a lot better.

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lol SA.  Never heard the Jaz-Z / Linkin Park album; I'm not really a fan of either so I didn't even know one existed.


Also, you have the same response as most people, that it's terrible.  My brother is the one that showed it to me and I think he and I like it more for the comedy factor than anything else.  Everyone we know absolutely hates it, but we just laugh.


(edit) And yes, there's definitely some tracks in that mix that do not sound that good.  I usually let them play anyways since I only listen to it while gaming or programming and don't even notice what's going on.

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