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Download script help..

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has anyone developed a download script that doesn't change the speed of the download and can help me out? So far all the third party download scripts i've used decreases the download speed by a lot.. Normally if the files are called through the script the speed would be like 15KB/s .. and if the file is called directly it'll go up to like 100KB/s..so right now i'm trying to figure out how to write up a download script that:

*doesn't use much server load
*doesn't change the download speed

is this even possible? I'm on a shared hosting where server load is very limited compared to the amount of Bandwidth that was given to us (DreamHost if you ever heard of them). So far none of the download scripts i've used seems to be compatible with them. I've seen another topic on another forums where someone said they've developed a script with PHP 5 that can prevent from going over the CPU limit placed by the hoster and still able to serve more downloads than normal.

if anyone has any experience in this area, please help me :/..

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