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Help with PHP/MySQL

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Hi all,

I'm creating a website that will (primarily) have thousands of videos. Rather than using a template to create a new HTML page for each new video(i.e. to avoid having to create thousands of HTML pages), I want to use PHP so that clicking a particular video link will 1. open the (one and only) video player page and 2. get the relevant video file. I've configured PHP/MySQL/Apache/phpMyAdmin and have them running smoothly. I'm not sure if we need to create a database in MySQL to hold the videos(and/or their details) or whether PHP code alone will be sufficient.

Thanks guys

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yea, basically, create a mysql database that you can hold the video source as well as the id number and any other info you want display..

then in the playvideo.php or whatever, have it called everything like title, source, or whatever.

to have it call a certain video create a link like this..

[a href=\"http://www.whatever.com/playvideo.php?id=5\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.whatever.com/playvideo.php?id=5[/a]

then do
$id = $_GET['id']

use mysql to call all the video files with the id of 5

obviously only 1 of them should have 5 so then you just display all the information that it has.

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