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New Squad Webpage for Gaming Clans


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I've been working on a thing called SquadPage for a while now which members of squads in a clan can log in to it and do all sorts of things.

I've worked on it entirely through PHP, and I need some suggestions and feedback.

I'm not a very good designer of websites, i'm more into coding. So the website look isn't that great although there are a few graphics in there.

Thankyou to PHP Freaks for helping me alot in this!




Login with:

Username: Tester

Password: tester1


While your there, check out our main website (http://www.revolutiongamerz.net) and signup. It's a whole new forum based on discussing games and see if you want to join our Counter-strike clan :D.

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- Get some graphics in there! What you have now is completely text.

- Put members on a different page, maybe give each member an assigned role of some kind (medic, sniper, assault, etc.).

- For that matter, you should separate a lot of the things onto their own pages so that the opening interface isn't quite as confusing for first-time users.

- Oh, and the upload file page timed out

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Upload system should work.. I don't know why it wouldn't. Maybe it is the change of subdomain. I'll check that out.

EDIT: Works for me  ???


Otherwise thanks for the suggestions. I'm not sure how i'm going to get some graphics in there, but if anyone can make some for me  ;)

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