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[SOLVED] header display inconsistency problems


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This has been annoying me for a few days now and I can't quite get the right combination of thigs to get it right can someone have a peek for me please.


Here's the URL : http://www.mri.co.uk/company-info/terms-of-business2.htm


It displays fine in firefox, but not IE.


This shud be able to work without a spacer .gif shudn't it.  I think it all came about when I changed the doctype tag, but this is the doctype tag I want to use, so need to get this working.


As you can see it drops down a couple of pixels and ruins the level of the nav and the rest of the page.  If I take out the first image (the one that says MRi) it works fine.  I played around with padding etc, but nothing, as soon as the image goes in it displaces it.


If someone could show me how to do it with div's id b greatfull, although am using a fixed width image and 100% page width site.


Chrees, scotty b

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Well I did mention I'd like to have it tableless.  And that is the only table on the page, sorry if it's a bit of a mess.


All I want is a horizontal line at absolute position top:51 left:360 height:2 color:#c00 length: 100% -360.  Anyone know the easiest way to do that I'd be greatful.


It would also work if the image just goes over the top and the lines length is 100%, but want it to work in all browsers.


Thanks for you time

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