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The third incarnation of my site.


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I am mostly interested in what people think of the TSKA pages on my site, but feel free to comment on my personal pages!

(TSKA - Traditional Shotokan Karate Association)




I created a simple CMS script for the 'my-pages' part of the site after struggling with plain HTML for the TSKA site. I am currently hosting the entire site, but TSKA will eventually be hosted elsewhere. When it is moved, I will look at what options there are to upgrade it, CMS or whatever.


Dean Fowler aka Natty Fido!


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There's not a whole lot to critique, but here are some thoughts. You'll have to forgive the blunt responses, as I'm trying to write this quickly...


1. While XHTML Strict is a great thing to shoot for, you really shouldn't use the doctype unless you can validate it. In short, validate you code.


2. Your watermark is actually quite dark for the text over top of it. Some of the text gets lost within the design. I'd recommend really lightening the watermark.


3. Add some style to your navigation. There are so many options out there for good CSS menus, I'd recommend you pick one, customize it for your site and use it.


4. Content - that's really about all your site is. That is not a bad thing, but when you've got so much text (especially on pages like History), you really may be better off with a fixed column width for your text and style the font some. Maybe shrink down the font a tad and space it out a little more with line-height: 1.4em or something like that.


5. Images - you really shouldn't ever resize images with markup. When you want an image to display in a certain size on your page, resize the image and display it in that size. Never force the user to load more than they have to in a page load. For an example of this on your site, check your Sensei page...


There are a few other things that you can look at, but cleaning up some of these basic things really will give you a boost to the next level.


Good luck!

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