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$bool = true;
print "Bool is set to $bool\n";
$bool = false;
print "Bool is set to ";
print (int)$bool;
I was wondering about one thing in this script.
what is the (int) mean. I know bool is just a variable create which is short fo boolean, and it's set to the booleon true, here is the website it came off of the exact page actually I was just wondering if int was a preset something in php or something he named himself or what, and what it does.
[a href=\"http://www.hudzilla.org/phpbook/read.php/3_3_0\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.hudzilla.org/phpbook/read.php/3_3_0[/a]

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ok so I can safetly say that (int) is the same as (integer) which is the proper usage.

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