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What's the first thing that comes to mind?


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Sorry if this is random/weird but this is going to help me out a lot in the long run.


I'm going to give you a domain name and I want to know what's the first thing that comes your mind. Don't make up stuff/change your first impression. Here it goes....


... beastit.com ...


What's your first impression?


... what if I told you it would be a social networking site? Does that change anything?


Thanks for your help and sorry if it was random. A lot of ppl have been telling me lately that the domain isn't very helpful for the site. - So I wanted to know what you guys thought! Thanks!

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At first glance, it reads as "beast tit" - and then, after considerable effort, I see "beast it", but that isn't much of an improvement. :) They're both odd, and neither fits the "social networking" idea particularly well.


Sorry, mate, I tried, but I can't think of anything good about it. :-/

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would fit either a site of a violent or sexual nature very well, IMO.


if you want a social network of people with all sorts of odd fetishes, i think you've done a good job with that domain name. if you're looking to become the next facebook with it, it just won't happen.

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lol..well, errrmmm something along the lines of what neylitalo thought^^ lol

If I saw that I know I wouldn't go there.. sounds like some siko weird site for perverts :P


mix names like MySpace with VampireFreaks so you'd have something like "MyVampireFreaks" or "MyFreaksSpace" or "VampireSpace" or "SpaceVampires" lol maybe www.dot.com that would be weird!

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Then again. yahoo.com sounds like a site for hooligans


yahoo noun  a lout or ruffian.




Thanks for all your input! I have decided to change the domain. The site hasn't launched yet so it won't be a problem to change it.


I'll keep the thread "unsolved" as I would still like to know what others think... - just for laughs!  ;D

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yeah it does look like "beast tit" haha. It would be a great beastality site though :D



LOL!  ;D


- That wasn't its purpose - please don't take me for a sicko


The reason I decided for beastit.com in the first place is because my friends/classmates like to say "you are a beast" - literally meaning you are awesome. --> That is were I got beast it - a verb of being awesome. LOL. But I guess many think otherwise.

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yeah you always have to think of "worst case" when it comes to naming things.


for example... one of my clients is now in it's 2nd generation. The dad's name is Harry. They were thinking of getting an eBay account to sell some old things here and there but didn't want to use their own name on there. The now owner (son of Harry) suggested the name "Harrys Tools" to keep everything simple I started to use that as a username when i was going to create the account (without the space) making it "harrystools". I soon started laughing pretty hard because now it looks like "Harry Stools"...so I had to make a new name after that. :D

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yeah i reckon that could work. though you could turn it more to your advantage and make sure that your social networking site DOES have a twist, rather than becoming YASNS *








* i thought i was being clever, but it turned out someone already coined that one :(


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