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A different (weird) installation problem

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iv followed all (ok *most*) of the pointers on installing PHP5.1.2 on XP home, with apache 2 and mysql 5:

- i verified my php.ini file (in PHP root -> c:\php5)
- i set my path and restarted my pc (%path%;c:\php5)
- on phpinfo(), mySQL support is reported as enabled

im not getting any "call to undefined" errors, but every script that tests a DB connection, just outputs the source, not excluding HTML. i am using an ADO package, but iv also tried doing with plain old mysql_connect - same problem.

iv only got one php_mysql.dll (in ext), but about 3 libmysql.dll's, all in different dirs (1 in C:\php5, 1 in C:\Windows, 1 in ..\mysql server 5.0\bin). the first 2 are the same version.

where am i going wrong - apart from having the 3 libmysql.dll's - and which libmysql.dll should i delete substitue?

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