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Help Needed

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Help needed!

I am a newbie to databse driven websites - and I need some help.

I am looking for the following - very simple, but not sure the best way to go about it…
1) Basic, static website consisting of 3 or 4 pages (I can do this easily in HTML)
2) A "signup" section (Contact details & referrer)
3) A section that updates, displaying total users
4) Ideally a section that allows users to see who has subscribed under them

I am totally new to all of this - So I'd love any pointers anyone can give me. E.g.
Do I need a database for the above? (Or can I use something else?)
What is the best / easiest Database to use?
How do I get started?
Is there a free way of doing this? (Free database hosting? if needed)
Can anyone help out?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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OK brother here are a few questions for you.

Where will this site be hosted?? hosting company, self, friend ...
If already hosted, do they offer MySQL?
Also if already hosted(probably a dumb question if you are here) do they have php and what version is it??

Other than that, once you have these things set what you want is totally doable.


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