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Much help needed from a complete newbie.

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To make a long story short, someone who is now unreachable gave me all the files needed to run their php messageboard. That is, all the files except the database files. He did, however, give me a table dump file (phpbb_db_backup.sql) that seems to have all the data on the forum.


The problem is, I don\'t know enough about php or mySQL to be able to do anything with this file... if anything can be done. I\'ve viewed the manual on mysql\'s home but the backup and restore they mention there is for restoring files. I would need to do a complete recreation since I don\'t have any or even know the database(s) name(s) or where to find them in the many, many .php files.


This is what I\'m asking:

1) Can you find a database file\'s name in the board\'s files(phpBB2, very similar to this board if it helps)?

2) If you can, which file(s) would have it?

3) Is it possible to restore an entire database from just a table dump file?

4) If so, how can I go about doing that? The config.php says the version used is \'mysql\' not \'mysql4\', though I downloaded mysql 4.0 since I didn\'t know what version \'mysql\' referred to.


Any help would be really appriciated. And I apoligize if this gives you the urge to ram my head through my monitor, but as I said, I\'m new to all of this.


- Pat

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Try loading the .sql file that you have and see what it contains. If you have PHPmyadmin create a new database, then click on the SQL tab, scroll down to where it says \"location of the text file\" and click on the browse button. Browse to the directory that has your .sql file in it, select it, then click the go button. That should load whatever is in your .sql file.


If you don\'t have phpmyadmin then you will need to telnet into your webserver account which is a little more involved.

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