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Post extra string value?

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Hi, this must be an easy one...

I've made an FTP-admin page in Dreamweaver and php that contains a insert record server behavior which works just fine. But in one of the fields users must enter a directory which always starts with /home/ftp/ and ends with the username like, /home/ftp/user. But I want to make this a bit more simple by adding a default string or whatever you call it (I'm a newbie). So that users only have to enter their home directory and not the hole directory tree.

The code for the homedir looks like this now where 'homedir' is a field in my mysql database.

GetSQLValueString($_POST['homedir'], "text"));

Any ideas?

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To make it easier on yourself, just put in that /home/dir/ code as the default value in your textbox.

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