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Pear connecting to mysql using a different socket

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hi all,


m currently using the PEAR module of php4.06 on top of redhat. Our provider implemented a new installation for mysql wherein the mysql.sock file was created in another directory instead of the default (\'/tmp/mysql.sock). Using mysql_connect, this was achieved using localhost:/path/to/socket but this could not be achieved using pear class ; DB::connect(\"mysql://$dbuser:$dbpass@$dbhost:/path/to/socket/$dbname\"). I\'ve tried enclosing it in single quotes etc... it can\'t connect to that socket i think because of the forward slash (/). Any ideas? couldn\'t change the location of the mysql sockets coz we are only hosting it their.


All help would be very much appreciated.



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In the doc of PEAR :: DB, there is the following example:

Connect to database through a socket:


So basically, in your case you would have:


Hope this helps.



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