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PHP and MS SQL Problem

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I am using Microsoft SQL and PHP.

I have the following code

$sql = "SELECT j.Title AS title, j.JobType AS type, j.Location AS location, j.Requirements AS requirements,
j.SpecialRequirements AS special, j.Background AS background, CONVERT(TEXT,j.Description) AS description,
c.CategoryName AS category, c.JobCategoryID AS category_id
FROM tbJob j
INNER JOIN tbJobCategory c ON j.JobCategoryID = c.JobCategoryID
WHERE JobID = " . $job_id;
$result = $job_db->getRow($sql, DB_FETCHMODE_ASSOC);
print $result['requirements'];

The requirements field is a char(1000) in the database. When I select the row with query analyzer, it looks fine. So the data is stored in the DB properly.

When I print out requirements after the fetch, it gets truncated. Only the first 200 or 300 bytes display. Where should I start looking to debug this?

Any help is appreciated


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