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here's the thing, I have been studying awhile now. I have been looking through functions, variables, and a host of other basic, and intermediate programming stuff, now I saw a look at a tutorial on math functions, please tell me I don't need all this to program, or should I take it slow on this part and pick it up as I work through the programming.
I will download some scripts and play with them some and learn too taht way, I am about ready to move onto that step, the mathematical functions are on
[a href=\"http://www.hudzilla.org/phpbook/read.php/4_0_0\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.hudzilla.org/phpbook/read.php/4_0_0[/a]
I will still study arrays, and objects, after that, I haven't gotten into these yet, so far what it looks liek I still have to go over is
arrays and objects, then hopefully I can start getting the hang of messing around with forms and php together, I am following the tutorial in order, is there anything I can do, or do I need to go over the mathematical functions very very slowely, and master all aspects of that before I move onto the chapters after htat. Some of these got so deep so fast, I had to stop and turn around and just go over it without messing with it much, or will all of these "littler" aspects come into place once I get to the parts about pulling "all" the php programming concepts as a whole and start writing my own major scripts that actual do something. Also how much do I need ot learn before I can sit down, and create a fully function forum from scratch using php and sql, by the way I don't know sql, I still have to learn that and it's mysql variation, I did an 80 hour week last week, and start again this week, are there any basic concepts I don't already know that I need to lookinto now before I get too much deeper into the sections I am getting into, and in your opinion by the time I get to the end of the book, will I be able to start freewriting my own scripts(with)refrences to the manual and others of course.

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