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safe mode a problem with permissions on file upload form

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My server admin explained I'm stuck on safe mode which means no way around setting max file upload .
Since then I've been trying to use phpformgenerator and I'm sure the safe mode of my server is again stopping me from having permissions. I also tried the cms drupal and it is coming up with the same no access
alerts and I'm sure it has to with the safe mode.
Does anyone know how to get around this? because my service provider assures me no htaccess file or
anything else will over ride it.

I'd prefer to create a form from the ground up which will accept both txt and image files (as I've asked about in a previous post) but with some kind of js which will resize uploaded images to correct size.

Any help GREATLY appreciated (losing it here)


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You will not be able to get around safe mode unless you have access to the main php.ini file. It is down to your webhost to have safe_mode turned ofd or not. safe_mode will block certain processes and so you cannot upload any files greater than 1Mb.

If you want to be able to upload bigger files then you'll want to look into dedicated servers where you own a whole server just for your site and and get to control hopw PHP operatres however dedicated hosting can be expensive.

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