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Hi all,


I have gotten some really good feedback regarding www.bingnote.com.  I have recently added a blog which you can see here www.bingnote.com/blog/index.php.  The problem is while it has a consistent look and feel to the original site,  something feels off. All comments and suggestions welcome.


Please note, titles tags and formatting are all messed up. Working on it.

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Hi Moberemk,


Not sure what you mean about the glossy feel of the buttons.  I want the buttons to have a different look from the rest of the site since they are subscribe buttons. 


Regarding having multiple posts, I changed it to two posts on the blog home page.  The page was getting really long, that's why I changed it to just one originally.

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Maybe so, but here's the thing: the buttons have this glossy, glassy, three-dimensional look to them that is out of place with the rest of the graphics in the design. As for the multiple posts thing, one is small, but two feels sparse; three might work better. Finally, you should take the byline and move it to the left-it seems lonely off the right like that.

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Ok, changed the posting to three articles instead of two.  Moved the byline to the right instead of the left.  I will let this sit for awhile to see reactions.


Lastly, I'm still confused on the glassy look of the subscribe buttons.  I'm wondering if your talking about all the images (buy now, Most popular, Categories, etc) and not just the scribe buttons. If that's the case, all the header images are the same throughout the site with the exception of the subscribe buttons which are a different color.  I guess I'm just not understand the term "glossy" and I don't understand what I would do to not make them so.


Thanks for the help though.

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Ok, that's what I was thinking what you were talking about.  Not sure I'm going to change it at the moment.  Let me think about it.


On another topic, you have been extremely helpful, but for some reason no one else responds to inquires for help or reviews of my sites.  I get a lot of people looking at the site, but no comments.  I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong.



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