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Need help cleaning a database please

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I have a database/table that has 1 field \'name\'

I want the names to be unique, the table has a bunch of Duplicate entries in that the names are the same but there is a space ( or some other hidden char) after some so they seem to look different to the table.


What I am attempting to do is read the field and use [php:1:9a72f530ce]<?php

$curname = trim($row_emails[\'name\'])

?>[/php:1:9a72f530ce] to strip any possible spaces, tabs etc.. and store them in the variable $curname to move them to another table.


The problem I am having is INSERTING them to an identical (Empty) table, how would I go about this?


SO that I can read from one table and insert into the other, I also need to IGNORE Dups so that each entry in UNIQUE on the second table.

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Have you defined a primary key in your table?



PRIMARY KEY  (`email_id`)  


This way you can eliminated all duplicate values.


Can you tell me why you want to enter the same data to another table?


So try to recreate the table and use the TRIM to strip the whitespaces.


Hope this helps!

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