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Need help with a php login problem.

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Hello everyone im new to this so please bear with me I need some help with a php script.
What I have is a php site that I setup and seems to be working good, was wondering if there is a way to login to one script from another like I have a mailing script that I have been working on but to get to the admin on that script you have to login.
I was wondering if there was a way to login to that script from lets say my phpbb board in the ACP and work in the script from there.
I already have the script loading in the ACP but it comes up with the login fields when I click on the script link is there a way around this.
Thanks for any help on this.

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Oh ok I see "Purchase Paid Subscriptions" remove my account from this site as it is one of the worst php help sites I have been on I guess the only way to get help is to pay for it.
That cool I got the answer I was looking for from elseware free.
Only wish I had not waisted my time on here, sites like this burn me if it's not free then say it's not free don't waist peoples time and clutter the search engines with false and misleading statments.

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