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Help Retrieving Cookies

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Two problems with this one.

i set some cookies with ASP, i checked and they exist on my harddrive. i'm trying to retrieve them with PHP.

I'm just using

   echo $_COOKIE["cookiename"];

but it doesn't seem to get the cookie.

number two the reason for setting them with ASP.

i have multiple virtual servers on my machine for users (user.domain.com)
and every time i try to use any php with these virtual servers it gives me an error, like cannot read input file. i know there is someway like maybe multiple PHP.INI files but i'm not sure how to do that. if i knew i would have no problem with the cookies cause i could ditch asp.

any help would be appritiated.

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Well if you saved them correctly it should work.. two ways of getting your cookie could me $_COOKIE['mycookie'] or $HTTP_COOKIE_VARS["mycookie"]..
Maybe the problem is on how you set some cookies with ASP,

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