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has anyone taken the zend php courses?

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I'm reading the SitePoint book on building database driven websites...it's pretty good, but I'm still having a hard time putting it all together.

I noticed Zend offers a beginner's PHP course online. Has anyone taken it? I'm a visual, hands-on learner, so I'm looking for something that will give me lots of examples, step by step.


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I'm like you Jake. A visual learner. I have to SEE how it works to really understand it. I haven't taken the Zend course, but I guess it would depend on what you need to learn PHP for, and how much disposable cash you have.

I mean, If you really need to learn it fast and well, then you might want to take a course, either the Zend online or in a real classroom. But you might also be able to find everything you need in a book you can buy or check out at a library for free. And you can alway get help online, like here. If you ask around you might even find someone who knows PHP and can help you.

I hope this helped.

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