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Arrays store data sa strings, but what if I don't want that?

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I fill an array with data collected from a webpage form it looks like this:

while ($a<$redovi) {d

And since only integers can be stored inside $proizvedeno_komada, I want to produce a "You can't do that" message if the user entered anything else besides an integer.

When I entered only integers the gettype() function echoed string for all of them my checking function goes like this :
function kontrola_niza($niz)
foreach ($a as $value){

if (is_integer($value)==FALSE) {$r=0;return $r; break;}

return $r;

I appriciate all the help you can give me.


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The "numbers" that come in through your $_POST values are always POSTed as strings, even if they're numbers.

You need to use PHP's is_numeric() function instead of is_integer(). You can also cast your POSTed values as integers before doing anything with them:
[code]$val = intval($val);[/code]

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