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mysql database help!!

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#1 Tweetypie

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Posted 30 July 2003 - 08:59 PM

I had installed mysql and created my own database etc.
but then i had trouble connecting to it, so i looked at the privileges, and they seemed to ok, but it wouldnt connect!

Then some of the databases that come along with mysql disappeared and i only had \'mysql\' and \'test\' showing in \'mysqladmin\'.

I thought there was something wrong so i\'ve installed mysql again.
What i want to know is whether mysql only comes along with the two databases i.e \'mysql\' and \'test\' as i had two others before one of them which was \'library\'.

Will mysql work fine when i create my own database with \'mysql\' and \'test\' that comes along with it, or does it come along with anyother databases that you need inorder for it to work?


The last thing i wanted to know was, as i have installed mysql how do i ensure that i am the root user? or grant myself all the privileges?? So that i am able to connect to it! do i need to assign myself the privileges first before i create my own database or can it also be done after?

I had this as a major problem before and i tried using the following:
GRANT ALL ON <mydatabase>.*TO ODBC@localhost IDENTIFIED BY <\"password\">
among other commands similar to this but it didnt work, and still wouldnt let me connect.

#2 shivabharat

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Posted 31 July 2003 - 06:01 AM

Mysql database is the one which you have look for because you have a table called \"user\" which is used to add and give him privelage.

By default \"root\" user password <blank> is given the full rights. SO log in as root and have a look at the user table.

If you are using windows OS get yourself Sqlyog tool which can be really handy.
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#3 Pout

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Posted 31 July 2003 - 09:17 AM

or Navicat, a very nice interface to create, adjust, dump, import, export the databases

#4 Tweetypie

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Posted 31 July 2003 - 05:14 PM

ok. thanks for replying!

I just wanted to know what program do i use to open scripts/mysql_install_db. ?

i.e when you double click the window \'Open with\' pops up to select a program inorder to open the application. im not sure what to open it as??

how do you log in as a root user and make your self the main user so that you have all privileges and also assign a password which is for you. Can someone plz show me the commands etc what i need to type to enable me to do that.

#5 Arenium

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Posted 01 August 2003 - 12:13 AM

sorry if i am mistaken, but i\'m gonna treat you like a newb like pout and recommend phpMyAdmin (or some other gui mysql interface). When working with these, you\'ll find it infinitely easier to administer your DB\'s from complex tasks to simple bare-bones permissions and users handling.


i also wrote a tutorial myself on how to painlessly install phpmyadmin on any of the newer linux distros. I submitted it to a pal i met at yaxay and his site seems to be down temporarily. PM or email me if you really want to read my tutorial.

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