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*SOLVED* help on phpmyadmin

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i need help.

how can i import or transfer my database from my old sqldatabase from my new sqldatabase?

i transferred my website to a new webhosting provider so i need to transfer all my database from them.
its quite a big database and i now there is an easy way to transfer my database to the new one but i dont know how.

hope you guys can help me with this.

thanks in advance!

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with the version of phpmyadmin that i'm using... this is what i'd do;

1. Login to phpmyadmin
2. Select the database
3. Click the Export link at the top of the page
4. Select all the tables in the list that i want to backup
5. Ensure Structure AND Data are selected
6. Click Go.

This will give you the mysql data which you can copy and then paste into phpmyadmin's SQL query box on the new host.

Hope this helps.

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