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Tried to be simple and effective. Could probably use a bit more "solidness" ? I'm especially interested in your views on the multimedia areas , specifically the Pictures section of a member's profile. I just approached this site with a VERY blank mind. No concepts borrowed, no tips taken nothing. Except for the calendar section. I borrowed a vey basic calendar from somewhere (gotta dig up to find the author) and modified it to my needs (i enabled the setting/highlighting of events. And of course the games.


The contact list request thing I tried to keep separate in its own section of the site away from your message inbox(which only recieves a "notice" unlike other major sites that mix n mingle your private messages and requests :P)


The chatroom was also designed ground-up but i have serious doubt about the underlying code powering it. Relying on periodic html refreshes to update the chat screen. ...ajax comes to mind but we'll see.


the bulletins section again from the ground-up was built with simplicity of code in mind and i think it works pretty well...so far.

I added a sort of "live preview" to pages that submit a message or bulletin anywere. A personal touch I haven't seen yet. USes javascript though. Wasn't too hard :)

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