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Hey guys, thanks to all of you who answered my questions therefore directly contributing to my website.  I'm a jazz-violinist, composer and student at Berklee College of music and have been designing sites for fun since before high school.  I can't say I have much time to perfect the craft, but I tried to design and program something that would fulfill most of my needs as an artist.  Any comments, critiques would be much appreciated!


Andrei Matorin

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very nice site.  i especially enjoyed being able to listen to your music right there.  quick streaming too.  the only thing that i would suggest doing is validate your site.  very easy and it makes your site accessible to "non-standard" browsers (browsers for the blind/visually impaired).  it is really just taking that extra step to make the site "perfect"


http://www.totalvalidator.com/ is a very nice online validator.


all in all.  a very nice site. ;D

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ardy Thanks for the tip.  I never knew of anything like totalvalidator.  I'll probably rework the basic programming for the layout so that the site looks cleaner in all browsers.  I'm not sure how to implement the stuff you're talking about for the visually impaired however.


WTT, which button are you talking about?  are you talking about the music page and the video buttons?  or the little flash player that plays music when you clidk it?

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