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Which Navigation script do you suggest?

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I have been using a script currently which allows me to include other pages into my a page which also happens to make the url like this /index.php?action=eatfrogs . Now, i amd quite good at PHP, i just can't get a grip on this nav thing.

Now, i have search several search engines including google to try and find a script which would allow me to do /index.php?action=eatfrogs and also /index.php?action=eatfrogs&with=knifeandfork . Because finally, instead of trying to do basic websites, i would quite like to do something really interesting. But anyway. I have found several scripts.

Is there any you guys would suggest that allows me to do both. For example /index.php?action=user would bring up a page, while /index.php?action=user&profile=modify would bring up another page and /index.php?action=user&profile=view would bring up another . Do you kind a get it????

I have seen ones with switch and break, but i don't paticulary want to have to update for each page.
And i have seen millions of other ones. Some which people say aren't safe, while others say are safe.

What do you guys use? And what would you suggest?

Thanks in advance for anyone who helps me.

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there really isnt anything 'unsafe' about anything you're talking about... i would suggest doing a switch, with all of the cases being the options that they can have. Then make the default case be an error if something went wrong. I'm not sure exactly what it is you're trying to do, but any number of things will work and nothing about them can be seen as unsafe or exploitable.

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oh, ok

ok... what i'm trying to be able to do is have a way without using switch and break (because i don't want to have to update for every page) which will allow me to do the following kind of pagess


which would bring up a page



now do u undertsnad????

currently i can only do stuff liked index.php?action=user . But i want to be able to do that as well as put &profile=modify or something like that on the end........

hence making it easier for me to design the navigation stuff!

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