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survey help

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I have an equality survey with multiple stages. These stages seem to be in the way of the data selected being put to variables. I have tried to implement as best I can the way to save the data to a variable with only one page of options, but this has truly stumped me.

Does anyone here know how exactly I would go about doing this?


PS :

The code is extremely long, so I have put it on this separate page as not to clutter up the forum. [a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"]Source Code[/a]

You can also view the page if you wish here : [a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"][/a]

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You want to use sessions.

At the start of each script, put the code [code]<?php session_start(); ?>[/code]
Whenever you want to store a variable, use [code]<?php $_SESSION['some_var'] = $some_var; ?>[/code]
When you want to use a value stored in the session array, you can either assign it to a variable [code]<?php $some_var = $_SESSION['some_var'] ?>[/code] or use it directly, as in [code]<?php echo $_SESSION['var']; ?>[/code]


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