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InvisionPowerBoard File Problem.

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I am having a problem when trying to upload a skin using IPB 2.0.X... I get the folling error:

[!--quoteo--][div class=\'quotetop\']QUOTE[/div][div class=\'quotemain\'][!--quotec--]Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in *file* on line 749[/quote]

Here's the code of that section of the error:

    function _extract_xml_info( $content, $xml, $xmlarchive )
        global $ibforums, $std, $DB;
        $return = array();
        // Unpack the datafile

        $xml->xml_parse_document( $content );
        if ( ! is_array( $xml->xml_array['infoexport']['infogroup']['info'][0]  ) )
            $xml->xml_array['infoexport']['infogroup']['info'][0] = $xml->xml_array['infoexport']['infogroup']['info'];
        if ( is_array( $xml->xml_array['infoexport']['infogroup']['info'] )  )
            foreach( $xml->xml_array['infoexport']['infogroup']['info'] as $idx => $entry )
|||THIS IS 749|||            $return['set_author_email'] = $entry['set_author_email']['VALUE'];
                $return['set_author_name']  = $entry['set_author_name']['VALUE'];
                $return['set_author_url']   = $entry['set_author_url']['VALUE'];
        return $return;

Do you know what might be wrong? Is something out of date with newer PHP versions?

When I removed a section of that code, this went away, but the same error came up on a line further down... So I thought maybe some of the language used was from and older PHP version.


In some of the files $_GET_HTTP_POST or something like that was used and someone told me I could shorten it to $_POST... Thought there might be another language error like that here aswell.

Thanks in advance for help. Please help.

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