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MySQL load concerns

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Would I be going to far with a plan like this:

My teacher is having me make a site for him to post notes/quizzes/such for AP students, he plans to make a little extra cash using Google Ads; however, with all the traffic he wants, I'm confused as to how efficient my current idea for quizzes is. Here's the quiz mysql table:
[code]CREATE TABLE `' . FT_MYSQL_PREFIX . 'quiz`
                            id int (5) NOT NULL auto_increment,
                            title varchar(100) NOT NULL,
                            question_first_id INT(6) NOT NULL,
                            question_last_id INT(6) NOT NULL,
                            question_list text NOT NULL,
                            PRIMARY KEY (id)

And here's the question table:
[code]CREATE TABLE `' . FT_MYSQL_PREFIX . 'quiz_question`
                            `id` INT(5) NOT NULL auto_increment,
                            `question` TEXT NOT NULL,
                            PRIMARY KEY (`id`)

Basically when you create a quiz, it batch adds all the quiz questions to the quiz question table, so you can add each individual question to a 'favorites' list to help you study later. The Quiz table stores a reference from the first question it added to the last, so it can still generate the same quiz.

Is this a decent way to go about it? Any general suggestions about MySQL speed I may be missing?

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