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Cascading Dropdown Menu HELP

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Hello and thanks for ANY help i recieve in advance.

I'm a total noobie when it comes to AJAX so please bare with me. I know what I'm doing when it comes to code manipulation so that shouldn't be a problem and I know what I am looking at when it comes to code... With that said here is my problem.

I need a cascading dropdown menu created and filled with information from a mysql database. Basically this code will be pulling vehicle Year, Make, Model for the 3 dropdown menus. First I would like the Year dropdown menu to be created. (I have done this WITHOUT the use of ajax by simply passing information from one page to the next using forms and buttons and getting the same end result. however I would like to have the same setup WITHOUT requiring button pressing... example of my pages [a href=\"http://www.stormingwheeldeals.com/list.php\" target=\"_blank\"]HERE[/a])

ok now after ALL 3 dropdowns are filled with corrisponding data I would like the user to press (or even better...NOT press) a button which then loads a link to the Tires that will fit that exact car. Sounds easy however I have yet to see a tutorial that explains exactly how to achieve this. Tirerack.com uses an amazing setup that would like to emulate.

basically because I am so lost in this I would like anyone that feels sorry for me in this matter to help me get through it with a walkthrough type tutorials or code snippets or anything that will help a noobie get this setup up and running.


databasename: rubberadmin
user: I will fill in
password: I will fill in

Table in mysql Database: "content:

fields in "content": "year, make, model, equipment, url"

year= car year
make= car make
model = car model
equipment = stock tire specs
url= url link that takes to you the proper page for that cars equipment

if you need ANY more information to help me with this PLEASE let me know as this code is VERY important and I'd like to get it done properly the first time and not have my beginner code mess things up.


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