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Form Processing

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I have a form which is quite long. I have split it up into 3 parts but I only want to use only one file instead of posting the answers between 3 files. For example:

- The file is called mortgage.php
- The first part of the form would be mortgage.php?stage=1
- When all of stage 1 of the form has been completed they would go to mortgage.php?stage=2

What I can't figure out?

- When the user has submitted the form at stage 1 how would I change the url to mortgage.php?stage=2
- Would I still have to $_POST the results of each stage if all the information is taken within the same file?

Any guidance would be appricated!

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<form action="mortgage.php?stage=2" method="post" >

then use a switch in mortgage.php


case '1':
// do stage 1 here

case '2':
// do stage 2 here

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