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Newbie Here ... Help Please

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I have been asked by my site administrator (who has absolutely zero idea how to do any coding) to make some design changes on our gallery upload photo page [a href=\"http://www.thescrappinggarden.com/gallery/uploadphoto.php\" target=\"_blank\"]here[/a].

The problem is, where it says Your Username: in the next box I need it to display the username of the logged in user. It is displaying the username of the person previously logged into the gallery instead of the user's specific info.
If anyone can help me with the code to put into this table I am desperate! The site is supposed to open soon and I have been reading forums & manuals for 2 days now & can't figure it out lol. I know, I'm an idiot lol :(

Thanks so much,
[a href=\"mailto:chelerblondi@yahoo.com\"]Michelle[/a]

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Before we can help, we need to see some of the code that is being used.


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