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No errors are displayed

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Normally this is a good thing right?
Well I remember on my old server I could have lots of lovely red errors when I made a mistake with coding. These are just not there any more, the script stops, but no errors. Is there a way to turn these back on as I found them REALLY useful in debugging.

Thanks in advance.

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To do so you must be able to have access to a file called php.ini and to be able to restart the webserver.

If have access to the abpve then find and edit your php.ini. Now fuind the following line:
[code]display_errors = Off[/code] change Off to [b]On[/b]

If you want your error messages to be red then find the following:
[code]; String to output before an error message.
;error_prepend_string = "<font color=ff0000>"

; String to output after an error message.
;error_append_string = "</font>"[/code]and remove the semi-colons infront of [b]error_prepend_string[/b] and [b]error_append_string[/b]

Now save your php.ini file and restart your webserver for the changes to be made.

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I'm still having problems with the permissions for the folder that the php.ini is in. I should have full access to everything, but for some reason the write permissions are set to no (that's kinda what I want) but when I change them to allow tyhe upload of the php.ini via FTP it says permissions are such that I cannot put the file. I've tried to do it via SSH (is this right) but active X is not installed. I've looked at loads of tutorials and scripts to do this, I've tried logging in as everything I can (using the plesk control panel) but I can't find a way of allowing myself in. (weird saying it like that...)

I should have SSH access and FTP access to all of the domains on my server and can probably find the root folder of the server if I looked for it.

Please help. I'm like a dog chasing his tail - desperately - and not getting anywhere. - At least I now have a php.ini that does what I want it to do. I just can't get it on to the server...

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