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Passing Variable thru URL and maintaining Page Tabs

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I hope someone can help me. I am passing a variable via URL to another page. The page has fields that are in Page Tabs. The data is populating in the fields correctly, but I the page tabs are not working and I keep getting this Internet Explorer
error: 'QUERY_SEARCH_ARG' is undefined
code: 0

I tried using Firefox and it doesn't work using that browser neither.

My code for passing the variable:
echo' <td align="left"><a href="student.php?id=' . $sid. '">' . $sid. '</a></td>';

To get the value from the passed argument, I use: $sid = ($_REQUEST['id']);

So is there anything I should be doing when passing a variable to maintain the page tab form?

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i would use this;

echo "<td align=left><a href=student.php?id=$_GET[id]>$_GET[id]</a></td>";

My prefered way to echo data. The " and ' aren't really necessary in the html you've got there, so might as well just leave it out.

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