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Guest askjames01

Mastering PHP Class.

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Guest askjames01
ok php geeks and php gurus

I'm now ready to master PHP Class although i already know the basic concept..
But what i want to do is to master and review it. So my skills will be
surely sharpen with advance PHP coding....

can you help me and show a good tutorial URLs from PHP Class basic to advance PHP Class coding...
The more CLASS coding samples the better...

thank you very much in advance...


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Guest askjames01
I may be some how answer my question a little bit.
with this --> [a href=\"http://www.zend.com/zend/tut/class-intro.php\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.zend.com/zend/tut/class-intro.php[/a]

But what i'm looking for is a more advance PHP CLASS coding...
specially on large projects i want to know more...

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what are you trying to learn? You have to read or take a course in programming. Do you have ANY programming knowledge? PHP is just another language which for the most part just boils down to different syntax. PHP is actually very easy, you don't even have to declare variable type (eg String, INT, double, bool, etc). If you are referring to classes as OOP you need to really study up on what a class is and the basics of programming. A class defines an object and its characteristics and allows you to write methods for manipulating that object(s). You can create an instance of that object in your program or script. Zend has some good tutorials for a starting point as you've noted so start reading and practicing.


you can think of a class like this. An object might be a person, so you create a class to define what a person is.

hair color
eye color

you can then create an instance of a person. Saying $myperson = new Person(). You can construct the instance of a new person.

I can then work with my object $myperson.

Say I want give my person a name

$myperson->setName(Jeff); This would be a set method in my class that allows me to give the person a name.

Anyway, this is by no means in any detail, but an idea of what a class represents.

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