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Help needed~ variables.

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Well I got a site were you can register. To register there are 3 steps. In the first step you only submit a disired and you click a button to go to next page, which is step#2. In the second page the username that was inputted in the first page is gotten using
and then it generates a random string using [code]  $random = $session->generateRandStr(8)[/code] and stores it variable $random,
After the page is loaded, they click a button again to go to next page, step #3.
Here is were the problem starts. I want to pas the two varibles to page 3. the variabes are:
$user (varible gotten from a form in page one, it worked fine in page 2)
$random (a variable generated each time the second page is loaded)

I tried carrying the variables in the url using:
but it fail to get them in the third page, I also tried ussing hidden variables, but when I tried to get them in page 3 I got an error:
Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/dobakat/public_html/members/register3.php

Well can someone help me, please?
If you need the whole code of the 3 pages let me know.

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You could store the info in a session variable. That way you would only need to use the following to recall those values on ANY page:


echo $_SESSION['Data1'];


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Well I eddited this reply, since I fixed my problem. I don't even know how. I believe I didn't even change a thing, but it worked.

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