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can php do what perl did?

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I had a cool function that did the following in perl and was wondering if anyone knew of how to get the same thing done in php?

you would create the filter to it like this:

$filter{"Edit"} = sub{
         my $arg = shift;
         return qq{<div align="center"><a href="enquiries_edit.cgi?id=$arg"><img src="../images/edit.gif" border=0></a></div>};

the function did this:

               foreach $field (@$row) {

                       # if the current column has a filter then run that code
                       if( $$filter{$column_name[ $count ]} ) {

                               my $sub_ref = $$filter{$column_name[ $count ]};

                               $field = &$sub_ref( $field );

                       $field = " " unless( $field );
                       $html.= qq{<TD $cell_style>$field</TD>};


the filter was then rendered as code.

Please don't tell me to use eval() :D



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