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php 5.1.2 upgrade broke if/else statements

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Since I upgraded, I cannot get the following string to work properly:

$page = "home.shtml";

Everything displays perfectly, except the page with the else condition.
Any ideas what I may be missing, what I can do? For now, every page loads as my missing page (i.e. generalized page saying this page doesn't exist).
I'm at a complete loss here, even after looking at php site's informations/faqs.

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Where is the variable $DOCUMENT_ROOT being set?

[a href=\"http://www.php.net/register_globals\" target=\"_blank\"]register_globals[/a] is probably disabled (as it should be). It was probably enabled in the prior release (even though it should have been disabled). What happens if you use $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] instead?


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Check your "register_globals" variable in php.ini. i think it was ON initially and upgradation it is OFF so.


will not work, you will have to use


or turn "register_globals" ON, (this is high risk, avoid this)

PS: i m not sure whether this exactly is the problem or not.


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