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Passing and receiving url variables

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Please can sombody help me with this?

On one page i want a list of links which will each pass a variable along with the url..eg..

[a href=\"http://sdrgrestg.com/view.php?id==n\" target=\"_blank\"]http://sdrgrestg.com/view.php?id==n[/a]

Then i want the page that views to get all the entries in the db which start with 'n'

I have created a recordest on the view page, and optioned it to get all records from a_group and b_group, filter them by url variable, and list by a_group, ascending first, but it doesn't seem to work when i pass the variable to it.


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Your url should be :
[a href=\"http://sdrgrestg.com/view.php?id=n\" target=\"_blank\"]http://sdrgrestg.com/view.php?id=n[/a]
instead otherwise the variable passed will be "=n" intead of just "n"

Hope this helps

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