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Survey add up and file fetching

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I have a site with a sruvey form that can be filled in . This survey form has fields in it that can have the value of 1-4. At the end of the survey form when the user clicks submit i want all thes fields to add up and stored in a different field , say we call i form_total. How do i add all these up ?

Then after these have added up they will fall in to four different ratings.

The lowest being 44 and the highest being 176 so in other words

Rating 1 : 0 - 44
Rating 2 : 45 - 88
Rating 3 : 89 - 132
Rating 4 : 133-176

So when the users completes the form they will have a rating level. This rating level will then pull all documents stored with their individual rating levels and display them.

I am a novice at php and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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