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table joins and implementation in php

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I have my current query,


$query = \"SELECT id,title,newstext,\" .

\"DATE_FORMAT(postdate, \'%Y-%m-%d\') as date \" .

\"FROM news ORDER BY postdate DESC\";


but i need to also add a poster_id to the news table query and join that with a users table with an id and username. If i remember correctly i just have to add the table name and a period before the field, but how do i do it for the postdate?

Also, when I go to output the username from the users table in PHP, do i have to do $row[username], or will i have to do $row[users.username]?


any help is appreciated since i am new to table joins.

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it would be something like this




$query = \"SELECT news.id,news.title,news.newstext,users.poster_id,users.username\" .

\"DATE_FORMAT(news.postdate, \'%Y-%m-%d\') as date \" .

\"FROM news INNER JOIN users ON news.field = users.field ORDER BY news.postdate DESC\";




replacing the \"field\" with whatever field is in both tables. The array would then be $row[username], and not $row[users.username]


Hope that helps

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