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php including an asp page and image links broken

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Not sure if im in the right forum but here goes - couldnt decide whether this was an asp question or a php one!. I have no knowledge of asp and very limited php ability. I am trying to improve my web practice and am remaking my lump of a site. Part of this site improvement involves using php to call a page from a different site made in asp. This has been acheived in the past by others using frames. I dont want to use frames.

Ive tried a standard include script but it didnt work (trust me I checked it and rechecked it and it wouldnt do it). So another forum user suggested this sript below and it works! (with my own url of course)

foreach ($asp as $line) {

Sadly although this works the gif images on the called asp page do not show!. I have spent ages browsing for an answer and found a suggestion using absolute paths to images. The owner of the other site tells me they can not use "absolute paths" to their images as his "pages are based upon site variables file".

This is the test page in question (style sheet yet to be connected).
[a href=\"http://www.totalsport.co.nz/events/legend/index2.php\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.totalsport.co.nz/events/legend/index2.php[/a]

Is there something I can add to my php to MAKE the asp file download its images??

Any help with this issue greatly appreciated!
thank you for looking

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