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anyone know of a good newletter system?

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I finally have created a template that looks halfway decent,

I was wondering if anyone knows of a good newsletter system. Something that you can create emails much in advance, and then ofcourse you can modify them later.. and it is somewhat easy to modify to personalize.

For instance, I am going to have an email go out on Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, and several more ocasions. The ones for the holidays can be pretty much created in advance.

Anyone know of a good system to use? or is the best way just creating my own system. Create all my emails by scratch, store the filenames in the database, and then write a file to check the date, if the date is this, then send this email.. and so on for every single ocasion. I am completely lost at tryping to fathom creating a newsletter system. How exactly would I go about creating my own newsletter system?

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