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#1 ober

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Posted 27 April 2006 - 12:09 PM

I know you can use the LIMIT clause in MySQL to grab a specific group of records from a MySQL table, but I'm using MSSQL and I need to do the same thing. I know about the TOP function, but I'm not sure how to go about grabbing the TOP x records starting at record y.

I have groups of 12000+ records in a table and I'm graphing all the records. They will have the option to zoom in on the graph and I need to be able to go back and grab from x to y.

Any ideas? The only other thing I was thinking of was doing some math on the ID value (auto-increment).

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#2 ober

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Posted 28 April 2006 - 12:19 PM

Just in case anyone else ever digs this thread back up or searches for it, I did find an answer:

[a href=\"http://www.planet-source-code.com/vb/scripts/ShowCode.asp?txtCodeId=850&lngWId=5\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.planet-source-code.com/vb/scrip...Id=850&lngWId=5[/a]

I modified it to fit my application and it works like a charm. Obviously it's very bloated compared to the LIMIT clause, but it works.

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#3 Barand

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Posted 28 April 2006 - 01:50 PM

Also to emulate LIMIT 20,10

SELECT TOP 10 * FROM mssqltable
WHERE id NOT IN (SELECT TOP 20 id FROM mssqltable)

If you are still using mysql_ functions, STOP! Use mysqli_ or PDO. The longer you leave it the more you will have to rewrite.

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