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how to post, with user name

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Hei, how can i save username in my database?? whn you people log in i use SESSION to safe userid, but it don't take with user id in database, plzz help


if($_SESSION['autentisert'] == false) {
  header('Location: logg_inn.php'); // Videresend til logg inn skjemaet

else {
if(isset($_POST['submit'])) {


$tittel = htmlentities($_POST['tittel']);
$innlegg = htmlentities($_POST['innlegg']);

if(!empty($tittel) and !empty($innlegg)){

// Conntecting database
include '../sql/config.php';

// Henter tittel og innlegg, og samtidig UnngÄr SQL-injection
$tittel = mysql_escape_string(trim($_POST['tittel']));
$innlegg = mysql_escape_string($_POST['innlegg']);

  $sql = "INSERT INTO blogg(tittel, innlegg, time)VALUES('".$tittel."', '".$innlegg."', now())";
  mysql_query($sql) or die("some wrong: ".mysql_error());

  header('Location: ../index.php');

    else {
  echo "<p><font color=\"red\">Fyll it all</font></p>";


<?php include 'include/topptekst.php'; ?>
<?php include 'templates/innlegg.tpl'; ?>
<?php include 'include/bunntekst.php'; ?>

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