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Is RSS appropriate for my application

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At this link you can see a trial version of my application which is meant to allow volunteers to sign up for tasks "Add"ed by task coordinators: [a href=\"http://schott.selfip.net/~brian/volunteer0.php\" target=\"_blank\"]http://schott.selfip.net/~brian/volunteer0.php[/a] . I would like for task coordinators to be able to get notified when their task has been "Edit"ed. I don't really have any experience with RSS feeds but from my limited understanding, an RSS feed system might be a good alternative. My idea is for the task coordinator to request an (RSS) notification (by email would be best) but without having to post the coordinators email address on the page so the coordinator is not subjected to spam or other annoyances. The existing system has no registration and I want to keep that simplicity.

So please advise me as to whether RSS is relevant and whether other approaches are better.

Also if RSS or XXX is the way to go, how can I learn to add it to my application?

Thank you.


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